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If you’re reading this page, then I already know that you’re serious about improving diversity and promoting equity. And that’s fantastic. We’ve got a lot in common.


But maybe you’re overwhelmed and not sure where to start. Or maybe you’re worried that it will all come across as tokenistic. Or maybe it’s just too big a job right now. All of those are fine.


Don’t stress. I’ve got your back.

And know that I don't work alone.

Since its inception in October 2020, The Herstorian has grown to include a talented team of freelancers who are committed to social change. 

And we love to collaborate. 

Diverse Curricula.
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Ideal for educational publishers, senior leaders and heads of department.

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Diverse History
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Ideal for anyone with an interest in diverse histories. 


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Diverse Teaching.
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Ideal for teacher training providers and senior leaders. 

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What People Say ...

"I am really pleased to see how Kaye, an ex-student of mine, has shown such great dedication, knowledge, and understanding of curriculum development in this area. Because of Kaye’s rich expertise, she has delivered sessions for my History PGCE students for a couple of years now. This year she delivered a session on ‘Teaching a gender responsive history curriculum’, but as always, Kaye covered a host of different aspects in regards to diversifying the curriculum. My students were enthusiastic about Kaye’s input, and I really appreciated the way she encouraged the students to be critical thinkers, and enthused them to develop their own practice. The session provided them with both theoretical underpinnings as well as practical advice. Kaye’s input has been greatly appreciated both by myself and my students, and I hope she will be able to help out in future as well.

Dr Anna Olsson-Rost, Manchester Metropolitan University.

‘Having worked alongside Kaye for a couple of projects, I’ve witnessed, first-hand, the exuberant passion for making a change and challenging our current education system to become more current so as to make a better difference. Her craft is of the highest standard and her professional approach is second to none. It’s been an absolute pleasure to have worked alongside Kaye and I’m already looking forward to the next opportunity’

Jelani Ghulam, Business Coach & Mentor.

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