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I was blown away from the first moment I met Kaye. Her commitment to fight for equality in history, to educate, to keep learning and to push the boundaries of what most people would consider possible is incredible. I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone more driven, intelligent and kind. 

- Sophie Cross, Editor of Freelancer Magazine 


Founder, The Herstorian. 

Let me show you how history really happened …


When I was 15, I asked my brilliant English teacher, Mrs Harris, why Curley's Wife from Of Mice and Men didn't have a name. "Why do you think?" was Mrs Harris' reply.


And my interest was sparked. Since then, I've been dedicated to digging up, writing about and teaching history that puts everyone on the same page and gives a voice to those who have been forgotten. I'm tired of reading histories that do nothing to tackle our unconscious biases. I'm tired of reading about the past through a predominantly white, male, middle-class lens.


We shouldn't need a dedicated Black History or Women's History Month. We can't just talk about this for one month every year and then move on. We need to stop treating the past and the present as though they are mutually exclusive. It's time for our society to change.

I'm a historian, former history teacher and author who is doing everything possible to lead that change. This isn't just about making history more accurate and inclusive, but about improving educational outcomes for young people from all backgrounds across the country.

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Memuna Konteh

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Memuna is a London-based, Sierra Leonean writer with a special interest in the intersections of identity, culture and politics.

Georgia Britton

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Georgia is a history graduate with a special interest in depictions of colonialism. She is committed to improving representation in history. 

Ellie Cossar

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Ellie is a history graduate with a focus on the political representation of women past and present. She writes regularly for the blog about the historic treatment of immigrants.