Stamping Out Racism.

Our Stance on Racism 

Why do we need an Anti-Racist policy?


While “race” is a problematic and contested concept, racism is a real problem in the UK. It is not something that only happens abroad or only happened in the past.


Racism is not just about individual actions; it is built into the fabric of our society. It is a structural and institutionalised problem that damages the emotional wellbeing, physical health, life opportunities and outcomes of people from Black and Global Majority backgrounds.


The Herstorian does not tolerate racism in any form. This includes ignorance towards racism and a denial of its existence.


What Does The Herstorian’s Anti-Racist Strategy Look Like?  


The Herstorian is committed to being an ally to people from Black and Global Majority backgrounds. This includes:


  • Raising awareness of White Patriarchy: documenting its rise, understanding its function and challenging its dominance.

  • Promoting the visibility and equal representation of Black and Global Majority individuals historically and in our work on curriculum content.

  • Supporting Black and Global Majority voices by encouraging collaboration from within these communities.

  • Widening The Herstorian’s sources of knowledge to promote Black and Global Majority scholars and thinkers.

  • Being inclusive and supportive. Black and Global Majority individuals have a right to feel safe, respected and welcome at The Herstorian across the website, social media channels, at any relevant events or while working on collaborative projects.

  • Ensuring that all collaborators and contributors acknowledge this strategy and agree to uphold its principles.

  • Listening, reflecting on and actioning any feedback on this strategy and on all professional activities.


Signed: K Jones/The Herstorian

Date: Wednesday 24th March 2021.