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I'm Kaye Jones.
I'm a historian, historical consultant and education specialist, on a mission to write women back into history 🚀

By raising the profile of women in the past, we can raise the profile of women today.

Sound good?

What Clients Are Saying 👇🏻

How can we meaningfully and authentically write women back into the historical narrative? 
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Want to learn the history of patriarchy or the forgotten stories of women and people of colour in STEM? 
There's a talk for that - and I'd love to help. 

Want to be more diverse but don't know where to start? 
Talk to me about auditing your curriculum for KS3, GCSE History and A-level history. 
Got a burning history question that you jut can't answer? 🔥
I've helped people to learn their family history, to research the history of Jewish women and even life in a 19th-century asylum. 

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